Membership at the Feddinch Club

The facilities at the Feddinch Club are exclusively for the enjoyment of Members and their guests, who will have the pleasure of many special benefits not available at other private clubs.

There will be three classes of membership:

Club Membership permits unlimited and complimentary play for spouse or partner and immediate offspring under 30 years of age and may be bequeathed, transferred, or sold, subject to Club Rules.

Founder Membership provides the same benefits as Club Membership, but also delivers rewards in the form of annual credits to be spent at the Club.

Corporate Membership allows the appointment of up to 10 nominees, who may be changed at the calendar year’s end, and provides guaranteed accommodations during the week of the Open Championship, as well as the possibility of financial benefits.

For further information or to schedule a site visit, call +44 1334 461018 or email

Feddinch Tartan registered in Scotland and for exclusive use by members.

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